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According to the experts, Russian spies hide messages in ordinary pictures and post them on public websites. Many people are saying that terrorist organizations hide data inside adult videos. That's what the fancy fellows call steganography. Any of the billions of images and videos on the Internet may be hiding secrets.


This picture of the Mona Lisa contains a hidden treasure.


With HideInSight's Plain Hide there's no encryption. There's no password or key or secret dance. The hidden file's size, name, contents, and presence are really and truly in plain sight.

But with Encrypted Hide, everything is hidden in an invisible space, in an undetectable dimension, in a supernatural realm, in an imaginary imagination. The encryption process leaves no evidence behind other than random background noise. Only the correct password will unveil the existence of an encrypted hidden file. An incorrect password error does not necessarily mean that there is something there to decrypt.

Encrypted Hide does not store the hidden file's name or time or attributes, as those are not required for extraction. Only the file's size and hash are stored. If you want to keep extended information, wrap the file first in a container format such as ZIP or SNO or UBX.


After inserting a file, do not edit the image. Any change to the pixels may destroy the hidden data. Do not change the type to JPEG or GIF. Only lossless formats will preserve the hidden data. You may, however, change the filename as often as you like.


Don't tell anyone, but I use HideInSight as a basic photo viewer. At first I was pretending to be a spy. I hid some files and forgot the passwords. My spy career ended fast. But I noticed HideInSight opens images super fast (like faster than a minimized window), automatically sizes them just right most of the time, and doesn't have a ton (or any at all) of buttons and thumbnails in my way. It's like looking at real photos at a desk. I like to have 2 or 3 (sometimes more) images open at the same time. So I made it my default app for opening JPG from File Explorer.

Release Notes

  • Current Version: 23.8
  • x64 23.8
  • AVIF, HEIC, WEBP 23.8
  • Unicode Passwords 23.7
  • Encrypted Hide 22.1
  • TIFF 19.1
  • New Icon 18.12
  • Optimized Scaling 18.12
  • Mothra Framework 17.10

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System Requirements

  • 64-bit: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • 32-bit: Windows XP

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