Secure text documents with strong encryption



PrivatePad documents are secured with the same 8800-bit symmetric encryption, unicode passwords, jumble cipher, and structure as UBX files. In other words, security is tighter than a duck's buttocks.

100% Pure Text

From the first byte to the last, private documents contain only unformatted UTF-8 text. There are no byte order markers and no formatting tags and no magic numbers. There is no information for hackers to exploit.


Why use an encrypted notepad? You wouldn't want secret recipes, embarrassing thoughts, login credentials, or kill lists to fall into the wrong hands. If an intrusive hacker or the government gains access to your cloud or files, private documents and your dark secrets will remain private.

Prying Eyes

Sensitive material should be opened and edited on a private computer and in a private area. If you must work in a public area and when you feel prying eyes behind you, hit the Escape key to minimize the window.

Release Notes

  • Current Version: 21.10
  • Color Themes 21.10
  • Margin Size 21.10
  • Deeper Jumbles 21.8
  • 32 Byte Minimum Size 21.8
  • Find 19.12
  • New Thread Framework 17.10
  • 8800-bit Encryption 17.8
  • Longer Passwords 17.8

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System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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