Minaware App Pack

Enhance your PC with a suite of free applications


Cesium sees the future and sounds the alarm at the designated time.

DeskMirror mirrors (reverses) half of your display onto the other half.

HideInSight hides files inside images ... in plain sight.

JoyPal emulates the keyboard and mouse, with a game controller.

NanoStereo plays audio files, without any extra nonsense.

PrivatePad secures text documents with strong encryption.

SafeUBX locks any file with strong encryption.

Snowball manages SNO and TAR archives like a mysterious boss hacker.

SpeedSpec benchmarks the real performance of your PC.

Current Versions

  • Cesium 19.12
  • DeskMirror 19.11
  • HideInSight 19.11
  • JoyPal 19.11
  • NanoStereo 19.12
  • PrivatePad 19.12
  • SafeUBX 19.11
  • Snowball 19.12
  • SpeedSpec 19.12

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System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • DirectX 9 (for SpeedSpec)

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