Minaware Philosophy

Clean, Efficient, Intelligent, Minimalist Software

What is Minimalist Software?

When exactly 100 people were surveyed in a desert dungeon, 95 said the User Interface, four said Interface and Size, and one only complained about the hand forged medieval iron shackles.

Visual Interface

Window title bars, menus, dialog boxes, tool bars, status bars, buttons, etc. are kept to a reasonable minimum both in quantity and in complexity. Once in a while Minaware might splurge visually if an element adds something special, something that matches the spirit of the app.

Foot Size

Thanks to an exquisit combination of excellent compression and intelligent design and no bloat, Minaware packs eight apps into a tiny 416 KB download. Storage size, while most apparent and obvious, is only one aspect of an application's footprint. The number of files, folders, registry entries, etc. are also kept to a reasonable minimum much like the UI elements. Unlike some other software, Minaware won't sling filthy mud all over your file system and registry. Storage size, storage quantity, disk read/write, memory consumption, processor load, and network bandwidth are all treated with the utmost respect.

Simply Read (red, not reed)

To avoid pesky bugs and undesirable behavior, Minaware keeps code simple to read and modify and execute, as simple as possible with a few exceptions either for popular standard formats like ZIP/DEFLATE or for big speed boosts where suitable.

Only What You Need

When stranded in a hot sandy desert, items for survival might include water, food, clothing, medicine, weapons. A hair dryer would not make the short list, neither a regular nor an industrial strength hair dryer. Minaware gives you only what you need and truly desire.

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