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Will someone read my message?

The filter powered by AI (two letters) will put your message in one of three bins: the good bin, the bad bin, or the ugly bin.

The vast, vast, vast majority of messages are produced by spam bots and go straight to the trash, the bad bin, where they'll be deleted and destroyed and demolished, never seen and never read. No spam message has ever evaded the long arm of the AI, and no legitimate message has ever been falsely trashed. The AI has a perfect record and will always have a perfect record.

If your message enters the good bin, the promised land, there's still hope for you. Probably, presumably, conceivably, most likely, if time permits, someone will maybe read it someday. Who knows?

One bin remains. The ugly bin is a mystery, wrapped in cellophane, inside a riddle. Nobody really knows what happens in the ugly bin. According to rumor and faint whispers in the dark, the AI stores messages there for unsanctioned experimentation and indescribable torture.

Should I expect a reply?

No, do not expect a direct reply. However, your message could still change the world. It could influence an application update. It could turn into a prestigious testimonial. There are endless possibilities. The world is your oyster.

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