Time is of the essence



Cesium is the one true standard for the measurement of time. At a frequency of 9.19 GHz, atoms of Cesium control the world's most accurate atomic clock.


Set a timer or alarm for any point in the future but not beyond the year 9999. Cesium will then ceaselessly count down every second, minute, hour, day, and year until the job is done.


A timer is used traditionally to track the time when cooking or baking. The common kitchen timer has only one alarm sound and won't be heard by deaf ears. Cesium has both visual and auditory alarms, and will be in your face when at the computer.


Red is the color of danger, the color that attracts the most attention. In the crucial final moments of a countdown Cesium will brighten gradually into a passionate, alluring, seductive red. Do not stare too long.

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