Mirror half of your display onto the other half


Who is the fairest of them all?

DeskMirror does the improbable, the implausible, the impossible, the imponderable. But what exactly does it do? DeskMirror reflects, reverses, flips, inverts, mirrors half of your display onto the other half. It does not rotate. It does not duplicate. It mirrors like a real mirror.

Is there a way to mirror the whole screen?

Yes, there is a way to mirror the whole screen. You need two screens. Half of two screens is one whole screen.

DeskMirror operates with source and destination rectangles of display real estate. The two rectangles do not overlap. With only a single screen, the source and the destination each claim half of the screen. With two screens of equal resolution, the source and the destination can each fill one whole screen.

There's a trick known by those who know. A single monitor with two inputs can simulate two screens as if there were really two physical monitors. One input is normal, and the other input is the mirror image.

Where's the title and menu?

There is no title bar or border frame. The mirror fills the entire window. Not even one pixel is wasted. To show the menu, right-click or double-click anywhere on the mirror.


I like your program DeskMirror very much. I am an artist, and I use it for having a 'mirrored' look at my work in progress, in order to judge the form and composition (as recommended by Leonardo da Vinci).
- Oscar
I wanna thank God for this free product. Thank God, and thanks to the creators of DeskMirror. Thank you so much. I'd been struggling to look for this app. Nvidia drivers, control panel, and Intel drivers don't have this feature. Very useful app!

Release Notes

  • Current Version: 23.8
  • x64 23.8
  • DPI Scaling 19.11
  • Left/Top Positions 17.12
  • Foreground Position 17.12

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System Requirements

  • 64-bit: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • 32-bit: Windows XP

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